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Yoshiaki Toyama, M.D., Ph.D.Chief Executive Office

Yoshiaki Toyama, M.D., Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

International Medical Information Center (IMIC), a general incorporated foundation, was founded in 1972. Since then, with the support of its members and users, IMIC has been continually engaged in the rapid supply of highly reliable and accurate information from the fields of medicine and healthcare in line with EBM (Evidence-Based Medicine), contributing extensively to advances in medical research and healthcare. Furthermore, with the goal set at becoming the only “medical think tank” in Japan, we have been carrying out diverse and sophisticated businesses related to medicine and healthcare. With the experience accumulated so far, and the trust, all staff members at IMIC now wish to continue to extend our services to you while attempting to improve our own skills further.

As you know, Japan and the world are now facing significant reforms in the political and economic arenas, which are even affecting the sense of value among humans. The same can be said of the fields of medicine and healthcare. Particularly in Japan, with a tendency towards ultra-aging of society, there is a strong demand for establishment of a society that would allow the elderly to lead rich and valuable lives. A key phrase towards this goal is “extension of a healthy lifespan” for individuals; therefore, Japan must dispatch information to the world about conversion from a country with longevity to a “health-oriented Japan.” To make Japan a “health-oriented country” that we can be proud of, it is becoming increasingly necessary to collect the latest medical/healthcare-related information, to analyze the information correctly, and to provide valuable and accurate information in a speedy manner.

In April 2013, IMIC began its operation as a new form of corporation (general incorporated foundation). All staff members of IMIC shall continue work together so that IMIC maintains your trust, and people can say: “IMIC is the Mecca of medical/healthcare-related information in Japan.” Your continued support and cooperation will be appreciated.

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